Issue.self is returning an API url instead of a web url

I am trying to do a simple notification on update event of a Jira issue in a Forge app.

My problem issue.self value returns an API url instead of a web url.


I get— '<uuid>/rest/api/3/issue/10031'
I want— https://<my-subdomain>

Note I am retrieving the issue via asApp().requestJira()

    const response = await api.asApp().requestJira(
        {headers: {Accept: "application/json"}}

What option do I have for getting a URL that will take me directly back to the issue Atlassian Cloud?
Alternatively: How can I get <my-subdomain> from the Forge app so I can reconstruct the URL I need using the issue.key

@ccurti I tried reviewing your comments here but I’m still lost.

P.S. I’ll need this for Confluence also so I can redirect to the appropriate Confluence page.

Hi @Talisker ,

Your idea to reconstruct the URL using the issue key is the right idea.

You can use the serverInfo REST resource to retrieve the base URL of the Jira site.

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Ok thank you!