Issue View as a separate component

Hello everyone,

We are developing a couple of report add-ons for Jira. And like any other Jira report, both of them are displaying information about issues and issues themselves in the form of tables and cards. Somewhat truly classic:

Our customers are asking us to add Issue View similar/same to the one in the Boards and Issue Navigator Detail View. They want to be able to see Issue details and edit issues if needed (comment, move through the workflow, modify estimates, etc.):

But there’s nothing out of the box for that. At least from the Atlassian. And it seems like we need to write this component from scratch both for Cloud and Server. Doing this will take quite a while, and also we’ll need to support the component for future versions of the API.

But probably there’s already somebody out here, who has such a component and can share it with the community. It can be a commercial thing as well for a reasonable price.

Any recommendations or ideas on that are very welcome.


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