Issue with Atlassian's storage to view format conversion for Excerpt macro content

Wondering if anyone has run into this or a similar issue?
One of our customer has run into an issue when exporting Excerpt macro content with our app (Scroll PDF Exporter) - the issue affects the first line of the Excerpt macro content. Specifically, an extra line break is added in the export and the required styling is not applied.

In the storage format the first line is in a paragraph like all the others. However, in the view format before view format transformation the paragraph before the Excerpt macro is followed by the text of the first line and a paragraph closing tag, so the start tag of the paragraph is missing. Assumption here is that it is an issue with the storage to view format conversion. The single paragraph end tag is causing the empty paragraph later on.

View format example:
<p>text before excerpt</p>text first line of excerpt</p><p>text second line of excerpt</p>…

Any related known issues?