Issue with getting a new Trello token


We have a Trello plugin that is having issues authorising certain users.

We get the token by calling .getRestApi().authorise(). When use the token we receive from that call (made on the client), the API doesn’t return results correctly. For example, we make a call to /members to get the organisations that the user is a member of but the organisations array is empty even though we know the user is part of an organisation.

This only happens for some of our users and it looks as though these tokens were previously revoked and the user is trying to re-authorise with our app.


Oh interesting. So it isn’t 401ing. 401s would lead me to believe that the token has been revoked or expired.

When you make a call to 1/members/me?fields=all do you see the data you expect for the member? All of the other fields on the member are correct: username, id, etc.?

When I make a call to /members/me?fields=all&token={userToken} I get invalid token. When I make a call to /members/{memberId}?fields=all&token={userToken} (which we do in our app) then I get some data back (including id and username) but the idOrganizations and idBoards arrays are empty even though we know the user belongs to a team and a board.