Issue worklogs / Add worklog API not working as documented

I’m trying to use the REST API to add a worklog for an issue, and for that worklog to have a custom property.
As per de documentation, this should be quite seamless:

Under Add worklog we find these two listed as body parameters:

Details of properties for the worklog. Optional when creating or updating a worklog.

Additional Properties
Extra properties of any type may be provided to this object.

I’ve tried to use those params, with something like the following example code, but I always get a 500 status result with the following response: {"errorMessages":["Internal server error"],"errors":{}}

This is an example request:

fetch("", {
  "headers": {...},
  "body": "{\"timeSpentSeconds\":3600,\"comment\":{\"type\":\"doc\",\"version\":1,\"content\":[{\"type\":\"paragraph\",\"content\":[{\"text\":\"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet\",\"type\":\"text\"}]}]},\"started\":\"2023-01-10T10:07:38.000-0300\",\"properties\":[{\"key\":\"foo\",\"value\":\"bar\"}]}",
  "method": "POST"

Any ideas?


Hello @martin.peverelli

You seem to have mis-read the documentation. The Add worklog endpoint does not accept any such parameter called _r that you are sending. If it is meant to be the property of something, then what thing are you expecting that request will set to a value of 1673356058391?

Perhaps you’re mistaking the Update worklog endpoint that allows you to update a specific worklog by declaring its ID via the id parameter?