IssueField limits and JQL search

Hi to the Atlassian community. I have two questions

  1. What’s the limits on options in Issue Field, is it okay if there will be something about 2 thousand options in this field?
  2. And how can i create custom jql operators like in server or something similar? I should add properties to the entity (like issue or user) and then i can search with that entity and property? like "Issue.myVeryCustomProperty = ‘’ " or something like that?

Welcome @alexter_pr,

First: that’s certainly possible but it might have a negative impact on the performance of your add-on.

Second: Do you want to have your user be able to use that jql operator or do you just need this for your add-on to use internally? You can use this:

How that can affect add-on performance? I thought all options stored in jira it self and manipulated via rest api, the only way i saw it can affect my add-on is that when i would want to get all options from custom field, i thought that would affect jira itself, or am i wrong? Seems like i don’t quite understand that :unamused:

Ye, definitely want users to use JQL operator.
To give you some context of what i’m trying to solve - i have a list that is managed by users through add-on and i need options of that list selectable in issue and a mechanism to find issues that has selected option on them, so IssueField looked like a right place to start. It can store options, and properties that i can set to be visible through JQL search and be searchable. Since this list may be quite large i needed info on limits.

And second question i had became from the fact that we can’t add new options through issue create dialog or when editing custom field like we can in server add-ons, so it may be worth not creating issueField and instead make a section in issues with custom input that can handle creation of new options for my list, but i would need some way to implement JQL search, that’s why i want to know is there a way to store some properties (this potentially large list with values) on issue (and there’s definitely is), but the question is would it be searchable through advanced search in JIRA?

And seems like entity-properties is prefect for second approach with creating options inside issue, thx a lot for your time!
But if there’s a better way i would appreciate suggestions :slight_smile:

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I did mean JIRA performance, my apologies.

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