Issues obtaining specific properties of spaces and content via REST API

I am working on a connector to index Confluence content with a search engine. To do that effectively, I want to be able to ensure I have certain properties that I can attach to the documents as they are indexed.

In reviewing the REST API, I haven’t been able to figure out how to get the following information:

“Space description”, “space category”, “page label”.

I was able to find places where there is “description” blocks in API responses. For example:


Returns a section called “_expandable” that includes “description”. So then I thought I could visit:


When I visit this, I see:

    "description": {
        "_expandable": {
            "view": "",
            "plain": ""

Yet if I view the “Spaces directory”, in the Confluence server, I can see the description.

Any suggestions on how to find the “description”?

I have not been able to find the “space category” either. In researching, it seems as though you need to perform a ‘search’ with the CQL which I was able to do.

I tried this:

I found that one of the results was the “space” I was looking for but the response did not include the space category nor the description.

In looking at the response for a “page”, I did not find the “label” anywhere.

I am using Confluence Server 6.x

Thanks for any guidance/tips.


Hello @TerryChambers

So with our rest api you have to follow the _expandable paths, I have to admit we can improve on the dev experience, but for the time being you can fetch the space data you need by targeting the following endpoint


Thanks, this worked great for getting the “space” category and description.

When I tried the same approach to get the content “label”, I could not find the label value.

I tried


I do not see the label anywhere.

try rest/api/content/{contentId}?expand=metadata.labels notice expand query parameter not expandable

Yes, that works! Thanks!