Issues with automatic compatibility updates for Bitbucket apps


This morning we have noticed an issue with compatibility for our app (ScriptRunner for Bitbucket). We are aware that Atlassian automatically update app compatibility for Bitbucket apps with no vendor confirmation/interaction, however something seems wrong this time and we are not sure which side is at fault?

Since the release of Bitbucket 7.13.0 there now appear to be ~60 versions of ScriptRunner for Bitbucket listed as being compatible with 7.13.0:

The above does not make sense as it includes releases from March 2020 which certainly would not support 7.13.

We are not sure whether these versions have been being updated automatically for the past year without our knowledge, or if something different has happened with this Bitbucket release?

How exactly does the automatic compatibility update happen? Does every app version compatible with the prior minor Bitbucket version get updated, or just the most recent one? I thought it was the latter and that would be our preference.

Essentially this is a call for help, ideally we need Atlassian to confirm what differences there are for mpac compatibility since the 7.13 release earlier this week.

We are concerned about the potential customer impact of this, as it’s possible customers could install versions of our app that are not compatible, which could lead to issues in their production instances.




We are now seeing customers upgrade and get themselves into a very difficult situation which is costly for them and us to get them out of. The version compatibility ranges are there for a reason.