Issues with Scripted (Groovy) JMWE Post-Functions When Triggered from a Ticket

Hey guys,
I’ve used the Scripted (Groovy) JMWE Post-Functions to do the following in a single workflow transition:

  1. Given a JQL filter name and a target project name, get the list of components missing from the target project and create them in the target project.
def String componentLeadName = "";

//Add the missing components to the delivery container
  if (it.componentLead != null){
    componentLeadName = it.componentLead.username;
    componentLeadName = "";
  //Add the component to the delivery project
  ProjectComponent newComponent =  null;
  try {
    newComponent = ComponentAccessor.projectComponentManager.create(, it.description, componentLeadName, it.getAssigneeType(), deliveryContainerId);
  }catch (IllegalArgumentException exception){
    //Add the name of the component if unable to create in delivery container
    failedComponents.put(, exception.message);
  1. Given a JQL filter name and a target project name, get the list of versions missing from the target project and create them in the target project.

  2. Given a JQL filter name, iterate through each issue and fill in empty fields (Descrition, Acceptance Criteria and Assignee)

if (issue.get("Customer Request Type")?.name == "Feature Migration to Jira 2.0"){
  //Let the customer know that we're updating the issue fields
  issue.setFieldValue("comment", "Updating empty fields on Features in JQL filter");
  //Get the issues from the provided JQL filter
  List <Issue> issues = jqlSearch("filter in (\"" + issue.get("Text Field 1") + "\")", 1000);
  //Update empty Description, Acceptance Criteria and Assignee fields for Features
  issue.setFieldValue("comment", "Updating the following fields for a Feature to 'TBD' if they are empty: Description, Acceptance Criteria and setting the Assignee to the value of SD_Resource Name field");
    if (!"Feature")){
    if(it.description == null || it.description.isEmpty()){
      it.setFieldValue("description", "TBD");
    if(it.get("Acceptance Criteria") == null || it.get("Acceptance Criteria").isEmpty()){
      it.setFieldValue("Acceptance Criteria", "TBD");
    if(it.assignee == null){
      it.setFieldValue("Assignee", issue.get("SD_Resource Name")?.name);
  issue.setFieldValue("comment", "Finished updating empty Feature fields");

I tested all the post-functions individually by using the Test Grovy Script option on each post-function. All of the post-functions work as expected when run that way. However, when I trigger the workflow transition from the ticket, I sometimes get the following behavior on the first go:

  • Component/s show as created in the audit log, but don’t show up in the target project
  • Field updates, especially the custom text field Acceptance Criteria and Assignee field are not updated to the specified value

When I trigger the workflow transition a second time I get the following behavior:

  • Component/s show as created in the audit log and show up in the target project
  • The field updates go through

As shown in the above code snippets, I’m using ProjectComponentManager’s create method for creating the components in a try-catch and I use setFieldValue method for updating the empty fields.

I’m stuck between it being a script issue and a delay in Jira after an action is made.
I appreciate any help in figuring out the problem.