Issues with the REST API - for the Permission scheme update

Hi, We are trying to Fetch the permission scheme and making some updates to it (like replacing the Roles).
We are able to do that, but eventually, as where it has permission to update as ‘VIEW_PROJECTS’ and VIEW_ISSUES, it fails as below
Also, we came to know that the expand and value attributes in the REST API payload is required to be deleted, but you get the same at the time of GET query.

    "holder": {
        "type": "projectRole",
        "parameter": "10005"
    "permission": "VIEW_PROJECTS"


    "errorMessages": [],
    "errors": {
        "permission": "Unrecognized permission: VIEW_PROJECTS"

Hi @PiyushAnnadate1 ,

Is this permission scheme scoped to a particular project?

The built-in global permissions you can use with this API are listed here: so it’s possible you can’t set those particular permissions via this API.

@PiyushAnnadate1 @mventnor The new permissions VIEW_PROJECTS’ and VIEW_ISSUES` has not been rolled out yet, see Introducing two new project permissions - View Projects and View Issues - #21 by VaradPingale Maybe you have used Developer Canary Program?