IssueService.newIssueInputParameters() action parameter names

I am trying to create issue with using the IssueService.newIssueInputParameters(Map<String, String> actionPararmer)

is there a list of the parameter names that can be set during issue creation and during issue update?

Hi Tim ,

Please let me know if this works

IssueInputParameters issueInputParameters = issueService.newIssueInputParameters();
.setSummary("issue summary")
.setDescription("issue description")

CreateValidationResult createValidationResult = issueService.validateCreate(user, issueInputParameters);
MutableIssue issue=null;
IssueResult createResult = issueService.create(user, createValidationResult);
if (createResult.isValid()) {
	issue = createResult.getIssue();

FYI , I have not tested this

Yes. this works. However, I like to use the IssueService.newIssueInputParameters(Map<String, String> actionPararmer) API to where I can load the Map<String, String[]> from a file or such.

Please try with below keys

the projectid is pid. I’m just curious if there is documentation what the keys (or names) are acceptable.

This link might help (I know it’s for old versions of jira)