Jam with Atlassian on ADF Extensibility

:bell: This event has wrapped up!

Recording link

Hey folks! Do you…

  • have thoughts on how we can improve your experience working with ADF?
  • build Confluence Editor apps in Cloud?
  • have Confluence Server apps that you can’t recreate in Cloud?
  • have an awesome idea for an Editor app that’s currently blocked?

If so, the amazing Phil Oye (@poye), Product Manager for Teamwork Platform (responsible for ADF), would love to chat with you about how we can make ADF extensibility better for you over the coming financial year in our Cloud products.

Phil and I will be hosting an open jam session tomorrow, on Wednesday the 20th of May at 9:00am CET (Google “9am CET in $YOUR_TIMEZONE” for conversion).

If you’d like to be a part of it, leave a comment in this thread and shoot me a direct message with your email address to receive an invite. Phil will be taking on your feedback, questions, and comments, along with openly sharing extensibility thoughts from his perspective as we head into FY21.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry - we’ll share a recording in this thread.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


We were exactly talking about this for an App for which we want to implement a feature we have on server but not on cloud, so we are very interested in this.

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I totally understand why CET is chosen for these talks given the majority of devs are EU based and the team is in Syd. Can we get some kind of agreement in place as to what type of content will and will not be recorded moving forward? I don’t want to bother you with the same question on every post :wink:

If you can’t make it, don’t worry - we’ll share a recording in this thread.

:wink: . Long-term with regards to an agreement, I suppose it’ll depend on the topics being discussed and if there are any sensitivities there. In most cases, I imagine we’ll make every effort to have a recording available - as we’ll be doing for this case. Hope that helps.


:mega: We’re kicking things off in 30 minutes! Joining us are PMs and rock :star2: engineers from the Editor team, so anything ADF or Editor is on the table for discussion!

I’ll edit this with a Zoom link in a moment, in case anyone wants to jump in last minute. See you there :wave:

Edit: https://atlassian.zoom.us/j/99395317236?pwd=ckVJdXFERHdPNXlvZ09OZnN4d3RtQT09


Great chatting with you all!

Recording link


That link is behind a centrify login

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:man_facepalming: Sorry, thanks for letting me know. Fixed now.

Was the topic of a Java client/builder/parser for ADF discussed?

Apologies, I missed the event invite (I’m behind on my CDAC notifications) and I don’t have time right now to watch the recording :grimacing:

I just watched the recording, super helpful.
One follow up question:
Since the plan generally seems to be to have Jira using ADF and the new editor, does that mean custom macros (which are supported in Confluence) are coming to Jira as well? If so, is there a timeline for this yet?

Hey! Editor PM here that looks after extensibility. For macros that have been previously built for Confluence using Connect, these won’t work in both Confluence and Jira. They will have to be built on the new API we’re building. We still have work on our side this calendar year to enable an extension to be built once and have them work in both Confluence and Jira. We’ll let Marketplace Vendors know when it’s ready to go!

Out of interest, which existing macros specifically were you hoping would work on Jira?


@JonnoKatahanas - I was asking more out of a general interest in adding new macros to Jira, versus porting macros from Confluence :slight_smile:

To us, the ability to write a macro once and use it on both platform is less important than the ability to have custom macros in Jira cloud at all, as we have some cloud plugins that could make use of that functionality, and we have some Jira server plugins that we would like to migrate to Cloud, but macros are a large part of those.

Gotcha! Unfortunately, what you’re looking for isn’t currently available. It’s something I’m actively looking into with @huw and my other friends in Forge/Ecosystem land :slight_smile: We’ll let you know once we have more for you.