Jam with PM for Editor Cloud Extensibility

Hey folks! Do you…

  • have thoughts on how we can improve your experience working with the cloud editor?
  • build Confluence Editor apps in Cloud?
  • have Confluence Server apps that you can’t recreate in Cloud?
  • have an awesome idea for an Editor app that’s currently blocked?
  • have interest in learning about what we’re working on and thinking about?

If so, myself and my team would love to chat with you about how we can make editor better for you over the coming financial year in our Cloud products.

I’ll be hosting an open jam session on Thursday the 27th of August at 9:00am CET (Google “9am CET in $YOUR_TIMEZONE ” for conversion).

If you’d like to be a part of it go to this Calendly link and add yourself to the time slot on August 27. Let me know in the comments if you have any issues signing up.

I’ll be taking on your feedback, questions, and comments, along with openly sharing extensibility thoughts from his perspective as we head into FY21.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Thanks Jonno,
I may not be able to attend so here’s the first idea that comes to my mind:
Open DEVHELP and CONFCLOUD issues and CDAC threads without answers have what you are looking for. You could also fish through the closed DEVHELP and CONFCLOUD issues and even the answered CDAC threads. Some of them may have resulted in workarounds or other partial solutions and may illuminate weak spots.

Maybe you’ve already done that. If so, I’d vote for working on resolving those items as highest priority before opening another channel of communication for developers to report or summarize these issues. It could be frustrating to be asked to provide this kind of feedback when that is what we have been doing through the existing channels, without resolution.

If I do have time for the meeting I’d probably be going through a list of feedback/issues that I’ve already reported. Those include some significant problems and some of them are not just behaviors of the editor that are hard to work with, they are bugs. I’m not used to seeing bugs that affect 3rd party apps not being addressed immediately after being reported. That is a new experience for me. I come from another developer framework.

It worries me that so many reported issues go unaddressed.