January 2023 – Marketplace Partner Program Tier Membership Update

Atlassian Marketplace is home to our diverse group of Marketplace Partners who build best-of-breed applications fuelling innovative solutions that extends the power of Atlassian products, in turn delivering immense value to our joint customers.

Platinum, Gold, and Silver Marketplace Partners have met Atlassian’s App Security Compliance and Customer Support requirements:

  • Cloud and Data Center – Marketplace Partners are investing in cloud and have Data Center Approved versions of their high-traction server apps.
  • Security – Marketplace Partners are security-minded and improving their security practices by participating in our Marketplace Security Programs. Cloud Security Participant badge and Cloud Fortified badge were introduced for participating cloud apps on Marketplace so customers can make informed decisions about the security of the cloud apps.

2022 was a year of recalibration for the Marketplace Partner Program with focus on driving opportunities for growth and enablement for our partners bolstering our joint commitment to better serve customers. In fact, the very first e-learning course for Marketplace: Customer Cloud App Migration Experience for Marketplace Partners was launched on the 4th of January and is now available in the Atlassian Enablement Academy.

As we usher yet another exciting year for Atlassian Marketplace, let us welcome the latest partners who have achieved their medal tiers in the Marketplace Partner Program following our 6-month program level review.

Congratulations again to our partner and developer community on their successes in 2022.”


Check out the Developer Blog for list of Marketplace Partners and the latest cloud apps, Cloud fortified apps and Staff Picks on Marketplace from these partners.


@christia_katrina thanks for the update!

I do have one question: may I ask the Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program team to be a bit more concise when creating these blog posts? I get that this is a tedious task to create this list, and that it is very tempting to just copy/paste the blog post from previous entries, but at least have the courtesy to make sure that you do it correctly.

Either we were new Gold Partner tier members in July 2022 or we are new Gold Partner tier members in January 2023.

hi @remie the detail you flagged have been amended accordingly. we appreciate the feedback and the acknowledgement of our cross-functional teams’ collective effort to get this list created. The Atlassian Marketplace Partner Programs team remains steadfast in our commitment to providing you with an accurate list and as such, addressing any typographical errors or corrections as promptly as we can. thank you, in advance for your patience and understanding.

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hello @christia_katrina! We just became a silver partner, but our MPAC listing and profile doesn’t yet include the badge. Do you know when that’s expected to be updated?

hi @AmareshRay our engineering team is working on it. i will share timelines once i get final confirmation from the team. cc: @AmruthaHarish

Happy Friday Partners! Metal tier badges have now been updated in the marketplace.

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