java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot execute atlassian-spring-scanner-runtime

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So our problem is, that our client has upgraded his Confluence Server from 6.4.1 to 6.7.2 and it took them a lot of time resolving the IllegalStateException problems that occurred during startup.

We have captured some log-files for analysis:

The client told us that they cleaned the osgi-cache before starting confluence.

Interestingly we get the Exception not only for our custom plugins, but also for atlassian-plugins:

We opened a support ticket:
(i guess you cannot access it)
and we opened a community issue:

Unfortunately we still have no clue, why this exception is thrown and how we can resolve this problem.

The Atlassian-Support told us, that we should start the system in safe-mode and then re-enable all plugins, which is a workaround, no resolution and we still do not understand why this exception happens.

we hope someone here can help us.

Here some files from our custom plugin, we followed the documentation on

We looked into similar posts here in the developer community. But the exception is slightly different from the others i found here (maybe i am still bad at searching?).

The only DisposableBean we use is a Listener for PageEvents and LabelEvents into which we inject the EventPublisher.

So here are my concrete questions:

  • Does anybody know why this exception is thrown as the reason stated by the exception message does not seem to be the real reason?
  • Can it be that the only “resoultion” is manually enabling our custom plugins?
  • Can our plugin be the source of error? If so, in which way?
    • Do we have to do some special “osgi-cache-cleaning” on uninstall or shutdown?
    • Is it possible that we have to initialize specific things later? Which things (ActiveObjects, DisposableBean, etc…)?
    • How can we get better Debugging output to find the real reason behind this exception?

thanks a lot at anybody taking time to dig into this issue.

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