I have a jira plugin developed in jira version 7.6.6,

it was working perfectly with jira 7.13.5.
Now we have upgraded to jira 8.5.3 but when I call my plugin, it give below error

Do I need to update jira version in my plugin from 7.6.6 to 8.5.3 ?

There are breaking API changes in every major version of Jira.
For Jira 8, see

with those breaking changes, if you want to support Jira 7.X and Jira 8.X you will need to create a compatibility modules for those version and programmatically choose which code to execute depending on the version of Jira that was installed.

I have the same problem, but I don’t understand what should I do.
How can I migrate 7.X plugins to Jira 8 ?
If the solution is compatibility modules, what and how should I install to compile and build them ?
Without libraries providing 8.X API I just can’t compile.

Please help.

You should update your Jira dependencies (jira-api, jira-core) in your pom.xml to version 8.0.0, or better: include jira-project in that version (

If you include other libraries/dependencies, of course those need to be compatible with Jira 8, as well, but most libraries you use probably don’t depend on jira-api (unless they are Jira-specific libraries).

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Can I just change jira.version property ?

No. The method #getIssues was renamed #getResults. You must update dependancies and code accordingly.