Javascript in JIRA Cloud plugin


I have a requirement where I have to add one class on the div of View issue page.

I tried the below but not working.

I think for Cloud some different ways to do this.

Any help on this, please.


On Jira Cloud, extensions are mainly integrated on the jira pages (issue, project…) using iframes. Your iframes are not the served by the same domain name than the parent windows (eg: * vs *, so, your iframe JS scripts can’t interact with the parent window, except using the Javascript API provided by Atlassian which expose a limited number of operations. ( )

So, I don’t think you can interact with the rest of the page the same way you would do it on Jira Server.

According to the Jira Cloud documentation:

So you can’t interact with Jira Cloud interface if this is not provided by Atlassian API.