JIRA 7 App runnable without Licensing-API being previously installed


I successfully added the Licensing-API for my JIRA plugin on my local develop build by following the adding-licensing-support-to-server-apps guide.

However, during research on how to get an marketplace approval for my JIRA plugin I stumbled onto the following in the app-approval-guidelines:

- App is runnable without the Licensing API being previously installed

There is also a link to the guide page understanding-the-generated-license-api-support, which details how to include the plugin-license-storage-lib and plugin-license-storage-plugin .

However, as is described in jira-7-0-platform-changes, the library plugin-license-storage-lib is no longer supported and that instead the licensing-api should be used.

Hence my question: Is it sufficient to simply add the licensing-api and upm-api dependencies as described in the guide adding-licensing-support-to-server-apps, or do I need to apply additional steps/configuration in order to fulfill the app-approval-guidelines?

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