Jira 8.0 EAPs are here!

We’re officially opening the Early Access Program (EAP) for Jira 8.0 to let you know about the changes coming to Jira.

Jira 8.0 is the first platform release in almost 3 years, and that’s a perfect moment for bringing changes and improvements we’ve been thinking about for a long time. We’re planning a number of breaking changes, but also some exciting new features! If you’d like to read more about the Jira 8.0 release, take a look at this blog post.

EAP release cadence

With 8.0, we’re also changing the frequency of releasing EAPs. You can read all about it in the blog post, but to quickly sum it up:

  1. EAP milestones: Released every 2 weeks until we release an EAP Beta. These will include all breaking changes. Some EAP milestones might be canceled if they’re not ready to be published, but we’ll let you know about that.
  2. EAP Beta: The next step after EAP milestones, and a summary of all breaking changes. There will be no breaking changes after this point.
  3. EAP Release Candidate: The final “EAP”, essentially the same as the 8.0 release. After that, you can expect the official 8.0 release.

Latest EAP milestone

EAP Milestone 1 has been published on 14 August 2018.

Download it here, and also have a look at Preparing for Jira 8.0.

Share your feedback

We’d like to use this post to gather your feedback about the milestones we’re releasing. If there’s anything we can provide that will make it easier for you to understand and plan the changes, let us know. Share any feedback or questions you have, we’ll get our best people to help.


The Jira team


Shall we use most recent milestone release using e.g. atlas-run --version 8.0.0-m0009 for testing of plugins? (Atlas SDK is loading from here https://maven.atlassian.com/maven-external/com/atlassian/jira/atlassian-jira-webapp/)


hey Holger!
In this case we recommend using version 8.0.0-m0007.

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@mmichalak , just want to make sure I understand where we are in the cadence. We just started looking into Jira 8 and are pretty much impacted by the Lucene changes.

If I understand the process correctly, we’re on EAP Milestone 4, is that it? After that we’ll get the Beta and finally the release candidate. How far are you from actually releasing the candidate? Just want to have an idea of the timeframe so that we can properly plan. Will Jira 8 be released in 2018?


+1 to this, I’ve seen mentions of “Late 2018” but a status update would be really helpful.

Hi there!
Thanks for reaching out.
Right now, the plan is to have 2 more EAP milestones before the beta, which is due at the end of October. Then, a release candidate will follow. Jira 8.0 is planned to be out in December 2018. However, that might change depending on the feedback we are constantly gathering. We are currently reviewing the plan and will keep you posted.


When using atlas-run what newer versions of provided dependencies (in pom.xml) shall we update to?

  • servlet-api update to 3.1 ? (as a consequence of Tomcat 8.5)
  • activeobjects-plugin update to ? (don’t see a version matrix in the AO documentation here)
  • sal-api update to ? (no information on JIra 8 in version matrix here yet)
  • licensing-api to ?
  • upm-api to ?
  • atlassian-template-renderer-api to ?
  • commons-lang to ?
  • jsr311-api to ?
  • jaxb-api to ?
  • atlassian-rest-common to ?

Can you provide these information? Or how could I figure out on my own?

The library versions that have been already updated for Jira 8.0 EAP 05 are listed in https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjira/jira-platform-releases/jira-development-releases/preparing-for-jira-8-0/java-11-and-jira-platform-upgrade .
Please note that the new Atlassian Platform 5 development is ongoing and this is why there are so many hash versions. When the new versions of the components are available in the Platform we will be updating their versions in Jira.

There’s no version info for sal-api though…

I have got another question: Starting from what version of Jira Software 8 EAP does the Development plugin work again? We are preparing our plugins for Jira 8 that will be released in near future.