Jira 8.6 is out!


Is there a ‘Preparing for Jira 8.6’ document? I couldn’t see one on the Latest updates page.

Actually, @david.pinn, yes there is.


Thanks @mmichalak - could you please engage with the responsible Marketplace or Jira teams to make sure that apps can actually be marked as compatible with Jira Data Center 8.6? This is already possible for Jira Server 8.6, so somehow the version bump process seems to have had a partial hickup and no resp. monitoring or runbooks in place.



Hello Steffen,

The issue is now resolved - you are able to set the datacenter compatibility for Jira version 8.6. We identified also an issue with the Jira version 8.5.2, which is addressed as well.

The problem was in version properties configuration at Marketplace. We are aiming to address issue in release publishing process to prevent similar issues in the future.

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention, so we could react promptly!

Ignat Alexeyenko
Senior Engineer at Jira Server.


@mmichalak @rwhitbeck Are you guys aware that there is a killer bug in how recent Jira versions (8.5.2 and 8.6.0) wire OSGi bundles?

It took us multiple days around Xmas :frowning: to find the root cause and reported this to Atlassian: https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/14/DEVHELP-4024

The problem is also (very likely) present in modern Confluence versions, and is affecting several app vendors.
As it came out in the festive season, I’d tend to think that it will affect even more vendors and ultimately even more end-users, who were not working in the last 2 weeks and will be surprised when they come back.

Is there any chance that you resolve that as a priority issue?

Hello Aron,
thanks for letting us know. We’ll start investigating the issue promptly!
Happy New Year!

@aron.gombas, Since the ticket is private, can you tell us more on the bug? What are the effects?


@yvesriel NoClassDefFoundError for Spring JDBC classes since Confluence 7.1.1

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@yvesriel The root cause is in the lowest level OSGi wiring mechanism, which affects class loading in general, therefore the symptoms can be very different. Give me your email address and I can give access to that ticket any time so that you can see more details there.

Hi @mmichalak,
Thanks for looking into this. Do you have any update on this critical issue around OSGi bundles Aron mentioned?

This puts our Jira apps to a full stop and as people are coming back to work, we started experiencing an elevated amount of bug reports and tickets as customers can’t use the apps.
There has been a number of other vendors complaining about this same issue and I think it’s only time until more vendors realize that there is a huge problem that breaks their apps.

Please keep us posted about the status!

Thanks for the offer @aron.gombas ! I have also found the other thread about it and will follow the progress in those instead. I thought that it could lead me to something a customer is experiencing now so I wanted to know more but turns out it’s not related. Many thanks again!

Hello everyone,

Thanks for letting us know about the OSGi wiring issue. We are tracking it in https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRASERVER-70445. We’ve added the currently known workaround to the issue description.

We consider this a high priority issue which we plan to address globally in the upcoming versions of Jira Server and Datacenter. If any breaking changes are to follow, we will communicate those in advance so that customers and plugin vendors have enough time to act and adjust.

However, for now, the plan is to revert the unwanted change and handle the dependency wiring as it was done in Jira versions 8.5.1 and earlier. This fix will be introduced in Jira 8.5.3 and 8.6.1, which we’ll be releasing in the upcoming days.
We advise upgrading to those fix versions to avoid issues with plugins.

Feel free to use the mentioned issue as the main communication channel, and subscribe as a watcher to receive the updates.

Thanks for raising your concerns and issue reports - this helped us to spot the problem quickly and act on it.

Best regards,
Ignat Alexeyenko
Senior Engineer at Jira Server


That’s great news @Ignat! Is there a similar Ticket for Confluence as well or do we have to raise a seperate DEVHELP ticket about this for Confluence? (The same issue seems to exist in Confluence, too as already posted by @dennis.fischer )

@sven.schatter , hey!

Jira team had raised internal issue in platform component and we inform the Confluence team about the impact and the issue. Thus, the other product teams will be informed about the issue.
At this point I can not update on how other affected Server products are tracking the issue - I’ll post a link for a correspondent threads/issues when I got ones.

You may find the description on the Jira Server bug useful and try applying workaround described there for the Confluence Server.

Unless you seek Confluence-specific advice at this point I don’t see a need to raise a separate issue with a DEVHELP.

Best regards,
Ignat Alexeyenko
Senior Engineer at Jira Server


FYI I wrote a quick summary about this story for our end-users, including a high-level summary of the root cause, the symptom (which is specific to our app), but most importantly the potential workarounds and our advice what to do. (You can eventually use parts of it to communicate your case with your end-users.)

See: https://midori-global.com/blog/2020/01/06/why-arent-midori-apps-available-for-jira-8.6.0


Ignat, these are great news.

May I ask about the ETA of that Jira bugfix release?
Also, could you please write a short comment to this thread when the new Jira version becomes available? (I want to notify our users who are waiting for this since mid-December as quick as possible.)

Dear all,
We have just released Jira 8.5.3 and Jira 8.6.1. As mentioned by @Ignat these fixes revert the unwanted change and handle the dependency wiring as it was done in Jira versions 8.5.1 and earlier.
Please upgrade to avoid issues with plugins.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments,

Best regards,
The Jira Team

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it’s just been released!

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@mmichalak Thanks a million! (We are running our internal tests and these are looking great so far.)