Jira AbstractService equivalent in Confluence


I’d like to know if there is an equivalent to the AbstractService class in Confluence.
I would like to launch a service to collect some datas in confluence.

Thank you

Assume we don’t know what AbstractService does. I actually don’t.
If you want to user a service/component through OSGi then this is a good start.
Furthermore, upon creating a plugin using sdk commands, an interface and its concrete class get generated and marked to be exposed as service.

Is that what you need?

Hi Panos,

Thank you for your response, and sorry for the lack of explanation…
The “AbstractService” class in JIRA allows you to develop services doing some custom stuff that you can schedule in the admin UI.

I would like know if such a thing exists in Confluence (I did not find anything in the admin IHM or API), I want to launch a service that collect datas once a day. I will try using a cron trigger.

Thank you

Then you are looking for scheduling jobs ->
which is combined with

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Yes, it isexactly what I was looking for
Thank you for your help.