Jira add-on Get locale to support internationalization

I am developing an cloud based Jira add-on. Have to support internationalization. So referred rest api docs to Get locale, it says that “Apps cannot access this REST resource”.

So, how can I get user preferred locale? Or, is there any option in Jira to support add-on page in multiple languages.

Hi @rajagopal,

The locale will be sent as a URL query parameter when Jira makes a request to your app, you don’t need to request this from the API.

Hi @dmeyer,

Due to GDPR migration, the locale is deprecated from URL query parameters. How can we get user preferred locale after that migration?


Re-asking this question.

The user guide on i18n: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/internationalization-for-connect-apps/ indicates locale is available as a context parameter, but no info on the context parameter page on how to get this locale included?

For an internationalized connect app, we need Jira/Confluence to pass in the request locale to the app so that server-side rendered pages can be localized.