Jira add-on with pop-up decorator very slow

I only have 3 com.atlassian.auiplugin dependencies and the atl.popup decorator. When loading the page it has 563 request with a total of 1.3 MB which takes almost 4 seconds. Why are there so many requests and is it possible to combine the JS and CSS files to make it faster?

Are you running jira using atlas debug? Or is this a production instance?

I run it with atlas-run --context-path /

For debugging purposes, Jira does not bundle / compress static resources. If you install the add-on in a production ready instance, you will notice that static resources are bundled and compressed and the overall footprint will be less.

After deploying the add-on to the production server it changed to 21 requests with a total time of 500 miliseconds.

Thanks for you help!

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