Jira addon dropdown web items are loading in new page

Hi folks,
I have added a web item to my jira main page under which there are two other items (dropdown basically - “Delete User” and “Delete user by CSV”). When clicked on them I want them to load in same page but it is taking me to a different tab where I don’t see the jira sidebar. How can I set the target to load in same page?
I went through web item documentation and found it can have different targets but it doesn’t seem to help in what I’m trying to achieve. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? I’m attaching the screenshot below for reference. TIA!


Hi @NishantV

Can you please share you descriptor file here?


@NishantV we are also getting same issues :frowning: did you resolve this issue?? if yes, can you help us ?

@epehrson can you help on this?

@aagrawal2 i am blocked with this so can you help?

We took a new approach by using “aui-tabs” to show multiple pages under one section rather than using “web section” and “web items” for our app… :slight_smile: @prasad.rambanam

Thank you @NishantV ! for your response.

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@aagrawal2 I’m getting back to you again on this. Any idea on how to achieve something like that?