Jira Addon in Cloud does not reflect changes

Hi, I am facing an issue when I make a change to the atlassian-connect.json file that does not require manual approval. The atlassian-connect.json file is updated, but the instance on which this app is installed does not reflect the changes. To be more specific, the change made to the atlassian-connect.json file is the addition of a query parameter to the URL of a module.

Based on the usual behavior, Atlassian should detect changes within 5 hours and display an update button for the App in the Marketplace, but no such changes are observed on my instance. Has anyone faced a similar issue in the past? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @RishavChakraborty , welcome to the developer community!

Can you please check your server logs if there has been a request to your connect descriptor where the user agent contains the string Marketplacebot since you made the change?