JIRA administrator permissions not working

I’m using the latest JIRA server software, and when I add a user to the “jira-administrators” group the user does not have any admin capabilities when they log in.

What do i need to check or fix to actually grant accounts admin permissions?

Check that the jira-administrators group really is the admin group. Look in admin -> global permissions. Does that name the group as admins?

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jira-administrators group is in both

JIRA System Administrators and the
JIRA Administrators

permission groups under Global Permissions.

The only thing I can think of is that you have added a different user to the group than you think you have. I’ve managed to do that with spelling mistakes, as I’m not a great typist and I don’t tend to be good with accents in names, but the usual culprit is having more than one directory with users with the same names or logins.

This has been resolved. It was an issue of not having any projects created in JIRA. Apparently when you add a new administrator you have to have a project created in order for them to see the admin settings.

Doesn’t make sense for that to be a requirement (especially an undocumented requirement) but I digress…