JIRA API Question

Original Question (answer below):

Howdy everyone,

I would love some help (if you have the time to give it) with grabbing some stuff from the JIRA API.

Currently I am using this path without any problems (1), but if I use the 2’nd path shown below, I always get a, “Page Unavailable” error (2).

1: /rest/api/2/search?jql=

2: /rest/api/2/version/17615
Jira Documentation for Reference: (GET /rest/api/2/version/{id})

I’ve also tried the following without any luck:


Any thoughts are appreciated!

I should mention that I am building out the API call in Google Chrome to make sure the path works before I start coding. Not sure if that would play into this or not.

Edit #2:

I don’t know why this is working, randomly as I type this, maybe there was a cache error, but now this is working:



Edit #3 (a few months later and a lot more experience): I think the hangup is by using this rather than this. The second one works every time for me now, and it’s dynamic, there is no reason to define the API version when latest exists.

This is better than





Without more information, it’s hard to say what actually happened, but my first guess would be that you might have been making those calls while your Jira instance was temporarily unavailable?

The API normally should work, and should be used in the way you did, i.e.


I’m glad to read that the problem eventually resolved itself :slight_smile:

Updated answer that works the best has been added. :slight_smile: