Jira API : rest/api/3/user/groups returns 404


I’m using the Jira issue search endpoint (/rest/api/3/search) successfully from Power BI.

I’m now trying to use the user groups endpoint (rest/api/3/user/groups) :

  • Works fine from Power BI Desktop and Postman
  • Won’t work from Power BI Service (which is Azure hosted) : “Web.Contents failed to get contents from ‘https://***.net/rest/api/3/user/groups’ (404): Not Found”

Further input :

  • Same failure with V2 and V3 endpoint
  • Already use OK the /rest/api/3/search endpoint to search issues
  • Using Basic Auth + token + site admin privileges

How come I get that 404 error since I hit it right from Postman ?