Jira API sources not published in Maven repositories


Atlassian used to publish sources JAR for jira-api artifact to the public Maven repos. That was very convenient. Not anymore… or is there a secret Maven repository with API sources?


Hi Sereda,

I’ve chased up with the JIRA Server team to see if I can find out whether it’s possible to begin providing them again.



Hi @sereda,

Thanks for your patience!
I have found out that there is a different maven repository where you can now find the JIRA API jars:


I hope this helps!


Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your effort, but this does not answer my question. I’m looking for source JARs, not the API jars themselves.

Take a look at https://packages.atlassian.com/maven-closedsource/com/atlassian/jira/jira-api/7.9.2/ , for example. There’s jira-api-7.9.2.jar, but I also expect to see jira-api-7.9.2-sources.jar. Or at least jira-api-7.9.2-javadocs.jar.

Not having these files there is very inconvenient when developing in an advanced IDE like IntelliJ IDEA. We do have the access anyway through the source files to Jira itself, but it is cumbersome and wasteful to configure IDEA to access the full sources when it just needs to get the API sources.

Please help us get those back. Thanks!

Kind regards,