JIRA application doesn't show data - WARN: triggerPrivacyPolicySafeEvent is shown

I developed an application which fetches project data, so the user selects a project from a dropdown, gets redirected to a “single project page”, and there the fetched data should be shown. So far, so good.

But when doing so, some of the projects sometimes show the data, and sometimes not. Logging the fetched data always works however, so, it’s there!

I found out that, when it shows the data successfully, the console shows a warning (or multiple of the same):

 WARN: 'triggerPrivacyPolicySafeEvent' has been deprecated

This is only shown when everything works as it should.

If the data isn’t shown, there is also no such warning in the console.

Obviously, all I want is to show the data in 100% of the cases.

Has anybody an idea on what’s going on there and maybe how to fix that?