Jira approval pending for almost a month

Hi there,

Has anyone recently applied for Jira app approval? I submitted my app for approval on 23rd November but have not heard back anything yet.


Any one know how long it should take to hear back from them?

Hi @shritigrover, sorry for the wait - it looks like you had a couple tickets submitted for your app. I’ve updated both of them and your app is now approved.

@Andrew_Golokha I still cannot make app live. I switch on the toggle to make app public and hit save but it toggle gets turned off again. Please help.

@Andrew_Golokha please update, my app request is pending from 23rd November and launch is delayed by almost 2 months now.

Hi @shritigrover, we’ve shared an update in your ticket. If you have further questions, please keep the correspondence in the ticket to have the full picture of the issue. Thanks and hopefully this helps.