JIRA authentication and authorization

I am working on a service that logs into JIRA and performs few operations that are not associated with a particular user. Right now, I’m using a proxy account for service and authenticating the JIRA by the accounts username and password. The use case requires a significant number of such services to be created. The current solution will be messy to maintain, because I need to keep a track of service level logs, which will require creation of a large number of virtual accounts, whose management is difficult. Is there a service account like concept in JIRA that allows a service to perform authentication as an application like on Google cloud?


seems like you need some kind of user impersonation solution. Just proposing you some possible directions, since do not know exactly whats your case. But have a look at:

or https://interworks.com.mk/jira-rest-api-user-impersonation/
Those are for Server. In cloud just look for connect apps impersonation and youll get similar examples.

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