Jira background script context parameters

Hey people, so I have jiraBackgroundScripts module in ACE, and when I define my url as

"url": "/background"

it works fine, I just create AP.flag in my script…
But when I define url with parameters as

"url": "/background?issueKey={issue.key}"

for some reason it won’t trigger my script. This is the rest of the module:

          "url": "/background?issueKey={issue.key}",
          "location": {
            "type": "issue_view",
            "shouldReloadOnRefresh": true
          "key": "jira-bg-script"

What am I doing wrong here?
Cheers :wink:

jiraBackgroundScripts are “cacheable”, which means their URL is static and cannot contain parameters. To get contextual information from your script, use the AP.context API.

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Tnx man, I thought of it, but wanted to be sure… :blush: