Jira Bulk Permissions API not working with connect apps

Hi, I am trying to use the
Get bulk permissions through my connect app to check permissions of Project Administer for any given user.

I am able to use the API with my API token and username as I am admin on my developer Jira site. But, after incorporating the API through the connect App, I am getting 401 as through the connect app we send JWT instead of Basic Auth.
The same JWT authentication way is working for other Jira End Points

The API mentions
Permissions required: Administer Jira global permission to check the permissions for other users, otherwise none. However, Connect apps can make a call from the app server to the product to obtain permission details for any user, without admin permission. This Connect app ability doesn’t apply to calls made using AP.request() in a browser.

Connect app scope required : READ

OAuth scopes required : read:permission:jira

What do I need to so my app JWT can read this project permissions for any given user?