JIRA: Cannot find symbol - Used as specified


i want to list all Filters which are shared with a specific project. I looked at the code of atlassian itself. They use:

        final SharedEntitySearchParametersBuilder builder = new SharedEntitySearchParametersBuilder();
                builder.setShareTypeParameter(new ProjectShareTypeSearchParameter(projectShareLong, asLongOrNull(getRoleShare())));

If i want to use the function setShareTypeParameter(), I get this error:

[ERROR] /home/post/Documents/JIRA/searchfilterprojectassgin/src/main/java/net/veniture/jira/jira/tabpanels/ProjectTab.java:[87,21] cannot find symbol
  symbol:   method setShareTypeParameter(com.atlassian.jira.sharing.search.ProjectShareTypeSearchParameter)
  location: variable searchParams of type com.atlassian.jira.sharing.search.SharedEntitySearchParameters

I created a plain add-on with atlas-create-project. I think I need to change something in the pom.xml.
The api documation say that it sould work: https://docs.atlassian.com/jira/7.0.0/com/atlassian/jira/sharing/search/SharedEntitySearchParametersBuilder.html

Do anyone know what I have to do?