Jira Cloud 401 on install: No baseUrl provided in registration info


I added my app as a new listing on the marketplace (private app), and generated an access token but It does not install on a jira instance. When send a POST request to the /installed endpoint I receive the following message:

“No baseUrl provided in registration info” with 401 status code

Anyone has an idea on why is this happening? When I try to access atlassian-connect.json I see the baseUrl in the response… so I currently have no idea why this is happening.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @RobertTutsek,

Is it still happening?

I’ve seen these reports a few times in the past but they all resolved on their own after some time.
I can see another similar and recent report here: HTTP response code 401. Not able to install private listed app using token

I’ve started compiling a few tips on how to troubleshoot this in this comment:

Let me know if this doesn’t help.


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Hello @ccurti,

I think I figured it out what was the issue. I added the created Cloud app to our production environment and I have created a specific restricted user for it. The problem is local meaning the created local DB user did not have permissions to access the AddonSettings table :slight_smile: so yeah sorry it was a misconfiguration on my part.

Thank you so much for your reply, I have never encountered in my development career a forum such as this one with fast responses, willingness to help and patience! Kudos to you :smiley:



Thank you for getting back to us with your findings @RobertTutsek, I really appreciate that.

Also thank you for your kind words, I’m happy you find our community useful but the merit is not mine. There are so many contributors here that keep this community useful and they deserve the Kudos, not me.

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