Jira Cloud API and developer features changelog?

Is there a place where changes pertinent to app developers, such as REST API changes, JavaScript API changes, modules changes, etc., are either announced, or at least listed? It is becoming increasingly difficult to remain on top of what’s happening with Jira Cloud.



Hi @david2,

You raise an excellent question and it’s the exact thing that I am working on solving. I’ve been working on making Developer Comms better over the last year. I hope I’ve made some improvements over the last 12 months but I admit there is still a lot of work to be done.

You asked about the place where changes pertinent to app developers … are either announced or listed. Currently, I am focusing on the Developer Blog to be that place.

Why the blog?

The blog currently is lower noise compared to the Developer Community which is a place that notices get posted by product teams. However, because of the high volume of topics and replies to topics, announcements can quickly fall out of view.

The blog can be pushed to you via an RSS feed. If you combine that with ifttt.com you can set up a recipe that monitors the RSS feed and sends you an email on any new post.

Additionally, this forum is using Discourse which has RSS feeds for almost everything. However, as I said before there is a lot of noise. I write a weekly series called Ecosystem Roundup where I find announcements and important information and surface it to the blog. See this post as an example.

Other channels

Developer Newsletter

You can sign up for the Developer Newsletter. Go to https://developer.atlassian.com and scroll down to the Events and News section. There you can see a sign-up form for the Developer Newsletter.

We round up all the news for the past month and send it in a newsletter form. Additionally, we send out important notices when needed.

Developer Twitter Account

@atlassiandev is another good channel to monitor for when we post the latest blog posts.

Where we want to be

Obviously, the current solution is not ideal and takes a bit of work and yes we are not capturing all of the changes and features being released. I am working internally to make product teams aware of the need to communicate changes to devs. I am making some great progress and hope to see an influx of comms coming your way in the immediate future.

However, posting to the blog is not the ideal state. We want to be able to have an area on the site for changelog type of comm whether that be in the product documentation or a separate dashboard. Where ever it’s located we want it to be subscribable so you can get notices pushed to you.

Take our survey on Developer Comms

I was planning on posting this survey on Monday but this thread seems relevant to mention this now. I’d like to survey the ecosystem on how we’re doing with Developer Comms to see if we’re making progress over this time last year. I’d love for you to fill out this survey so we can learn more about your situation and it will allow me to focus on improvements I need to make.

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Hi @rwhitbeck,
thanks for the extensive explanation.

I am actually already a subscriber to all of the channels you mentioned. But none of them announce the changes to Jira Cloud. For example, none of them announced the v3 REST API, or more recently the addition of Workflow Condition and Validator modules (and these are significant changes).

I think the Jira Cloud team could take a few pages from the Jira Server Team’s book: whenever a new version of Jira Server comes out, there’s a “Preparing for Jira xxx” page for developers, and then complete release notes when the version actually comes out. I realize that the Cloud team has much faster cycles, but that shouldn’t prevent them from at least maintaining and publishing release notes. Of course, the fact that their Jira projects are private, and that they don’t really update the issues on ecosystem.atlassian.net and jira.atlassian.com, also doesn’t help.

And by the way, this is even true for customer-facing changes - a lot of customers are complaining that Jira Cloud keeps on changing and they have no way of keeping track of the changes.

I know Developer Communications is tough (I used to be an Evangelist for Apple so I felt the pain :wink: ) but the life of a developer in an Ecosystem is also tough without strong communication from the owner of that Ecosystem.

Keep up the good work!