Jira cloud Asset value integration from snow to Jira


I am trying integrate Jira and service now. I have mapped all asset/CI to Jira but I am unable to map the values from snow to jira.

I am using Rest API cloud

Get object API: https://atlassian.net/jsm/assets/workspace/e7099f2b-2efb-4fee-88dd-2af7b4d8d2f/v1/object/101

In the above I have provide workspace ID and object ID but I am getting 404 error.

Can anyone help ??


Can you tell us more about the request you are making? What is the auth method?

Hi @ibuchanan
I have integrated service now and Jira, when I create a incident in ServiceNow, I able to see it in Jira.

what my problem is I have loaded some asset value to Jira from service now when I select the asset in service now I am unable to map that value to Jira.

Is there any solution for asset value setting in jira cloud ??


This is Majid @ Exalate.

What is the exact error?
So the asset will not be associated with the actual issue you have created, right?
Are you trying to create a new asset? Or link an existing one to a Jira issue?
I would also urge you to look at Exalate that creates these integrations out of the box.


I have issue in linking existing asset object from service now to Jira.