Jira cloud authentication errors

I’ve used a set of scripts to successfully import tickets, comments, attachments etc. to a Jira hosted server and the whole process works flawlessly.

However, when I attempt to use the same set of scripts with Jira cloud as the target, I’m receiving authentications errors.

I was under the impression that the APis were identical, but is there something different with the authorization which may be the reason for my errors?

Hi @kiffin.gish,

You need to make sure you’re using your Atlassian account email address and password for basic authentication, not your Jira username.


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This is the API, the link you sent is for the GUI.

@kiffin.gish I’m confused. The summary of the issue I linked is “Atlassian Account ID does not work with JIRA REST API - Basic authentication”.

I meant that the issue I’m having is with the API, but the link refers to a solution where the admin goes to the dashboard to make changes manually.