Jira Cloud C# SDK Throw error after looping through certain issues


I am using Jira sdk via C# to connect to Jira Cloud.

I am able to loop through the jira issues but at certain jira issues it breaks

My code as below

var jiraObj = Atlassian.Jira.Jira.CreateRestClient("jiracloudurl", "username", "Apitoken", new JiraRestClientSettings());
 IPagedQueryResult<Issue> jqlResults= await jiraObj.Issues.GetIssuesFromJqlAsync(options);
foreach (Issue issue in jqlResults)
                    catch (Exception ex)

Can anyone advise whats the issue.

Error message highlighted in screenshot

@SuperScrummer - not super familiar with that .NET SDK, but… I did notice this:


There’s a new version (12.1.0) that has commits related to custom field deserialization issues. Perhaps try upgrading to that latest version on NuGet.