Jira Cloud Connect App Multi-part questions

Hi all,

I’m super new to Jira and must create a Connect App to register some webhooks. We will add more features over time. I have followed the tutorials and have a few questions. I’m using the ACE express framework.

  1. I already have an existing database to store the callback info after installation. I have an existing table to store it as well (not called AddOnSetting). Could anyone provide some guidance on how I could use PostgreSQL to work with the ACE framework? In particular, I want to know how the retrieval and formation of JWT token process will work if we don’t use one of the supported method in the ACE framework.

  2. In the get started project, where is the code to handle /installed? I don’t see it in the route as I would expect. I see the console logging that it’s saved to the database. If I were to intercept that and store it on my database, what will I need to do?

  3. I have been only testing the connect app privately. I cannot simulate what the installation process would look like in the marketplace. Is it worth it to make the app public if we want only some tenants to install our app? I haven’t read about the licensing yet. As the app makes use of webhooks, we don’t want a lot of unnecessary traffic. Is there a way to prevent successful installation if the tenant’s ID is not in our approved list?

I apologize if these questions are silly. I’m quite new to this and still trying to understand all the moving parts.


Hi @DatWebb ,

  1. Sequelize is used to adapt the code to a database. You will need to modify config.json to use Postgres. I’m not exactly sure how you configure it to use a specific table so you may have to read the Sequelize documentation. The process for retrieval and formation of JWT tokens will not be affected by this.
  2. The /installed event is handled by the atlassian-connect-express library. See here.
  3. I’m not sure I understand this question, but essentially, you should test the scenarios you expect to be executed.