JIRA Cloud Development- Licensing problem

Hi there,
Today, my JIRA instance is telling to my add-on that there is no license.
So, I have the private listings and Development mode enabled and I’ve created a token. The problem is: the “req.query.lic” parameter from the request is always “none”. This is a strange situation.
Has anyone the same problem?

Rui Rodrigues

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Hi Rui,

I am afraid we have the same problem :confused:

We have not found any solution yet sorry!


Hi @angel,
Thank you for your feedback.
I did not change anything in my side(add-on).
Maybe it’s a JIRA/marketplace issue, I’m not sure.
In you case, the lic parameter is always “none”?
Rui Rodrigues.

We saw the same issue but it seems to have gone away after uninstalling and then reinstalling our add-on (and restoring the token, and its status).

Hi @dfischer,
Thank you.
I did those steps and the problem still happens.
Rui Rodrigues.

Not sure if the “lic” value is always ‘none’, but for sure it is not ‘active’ :slight_smile:

uninstalling and re-installing did not fix the issue for me either, although I will try again just in case.


this is a current known issue.

Please refer to [AC-2357] - Ecosystem Jira for more information.