Jira Cloud Instance TimeZone and Complete Dateformat

Soon a users timezone may be hidden from apps with the GDPR changes rolling out.

With this change dates would default to UTC in my app, Jenkins Integration for Jira, which I think is not ideal.
I’ve been looking to getting the timezone of the Jira Cloud but the application-properties-get API seems to be off limits to apps.

Is there another place where I can get the timezone of a Jira instance in case the user opts out of providing his?


Hi @markrekveld - There may be other ways of doing this, but one way off the top of my head is the serverInfo method – https://yourinstance.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/serverInfo

Returns something like this:

  baseUrl: "https://yourinstance.atlassian.net",
  deploymentType: "Cloud",
  serverTime: "2018-10-31T08:49:06.848+1100",
  serverTitle: "Jira"

Above, the +1100 is AEDT (Sydney). If you see something like -0700 that would be PDT (Pacific US).

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This looks like a good solution.