Jira Cloud live chat support

Hi there,
I know this comm forum is for development items … but is there any plan for live chat support for Jira (development or administration)?
I am curious about this as sometimes some tickets might take time to get responses, may be quick to resolve in a chat, etc.
Thank you

No plan at this time. Would this problem be resolved if Atlassian Staff were quicker to reply to CDAC/DEVHELP items?

Hi @huw … OK I see. Thanks for the prompt reply. Yeah, it may. As above I think instant gratification is what I am after :slight_smile: Also allows for quicker clarification to the issues too. Thank you

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All I can share right now is stay tuned. There’s a little more internal momentum around looking after CDAC.

OK great … Thanks @huw. Will do.

Quick one - what does CDAC/DEVHELP stand for? :slight_smile:

My bad—we’re used to using these acronyms internally

CDAC: community.developer.atlassian.com
DEVHELP: the place where you can submit bugs on ecosystem.atlassian.net

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