JIRA cloud new interface - Addon visibility issue


One of our customer has new JIRA cloud interface. For some reason after installing the plugin, they are not able to see plugin in the left navigation ( new representation of the top header navigation) .
Is anyone else experiencing the issue of addon visibility in new JIRA cloud interface ?

Any help is appreciated.


Sheff -
I believe we’re seeing the same thing… no customers have complained about it yet - but we have some navigation that is exclusively available through the header right now.

Atlassian - what is the suggested alternative in the new UI for the Header menu?

@adam @designextech I think this is a bug. Please create an issue in the ACJIRA project with the new UI component and we will have a look.

Thanks Adam and Dave for the quick reply.


I have created an issue in ACJIRA project (ACJIRA-1317) .

Let me know if you need the plugin or client details who is trying to use the plugin, I can email it to you.