Jira Cloud OAuth Access

We’re building a 3rd party application to help teams summarize their JIRA updates: https://getstandup.com

We’ve successfully implemented the OAuth for our own instance, but this doesn’t seem to easily work for adding our application to other’s instances.

The user flow we’re hoping for is to simply give a user an ‘integrate’ button, and have that work through the OAuth process we setup to gain read access to the customer’s JIRA instance.

A) Is the desired userflow possible with Jira Cloud? The only thing I’ve seen is ‘application links’ which requires the customer to make a private key… which is a non-starter in terms of user experience

B) Do we need to make a gadget, or some other Jira app to get the desired experience?

Jira doesn’t support a clean oauth installation approach at the moment which is what you found out (that could change in the future - who knows?).

For now the best approach would to have an Atlassian Connect addon - see https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/integrating-with-jira-cloud/ for more info. You can deep link to the Marketplace installation url to make it easy for the end users.

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