Jira Cloud OAuth without user interaction


Currently I’m working on developing Java application, which will have some integrations with Jira Cloud (i.e. getting list of issues available in Jira etc.). I’m using sample OAuth Client from Atlassian Bitbucket and it works fine (with creating Application Link in my Jira Cloud), but every time token is generated it requires interactions from the user side (click to accept application request and use generated accessToken - “verification code” in my Java application). Is there any way to omit this step? Make possible calling of Jira Cloud Rest Api without user interaction to ‘allow external application’?

Thanks in advance, regards

Unfortunately using Oauth1.0a you’re stuck with this UX interaction.

Have you considered building a Atlassian Connect App? Then all your user has to do is install it from the marketplace (they can be listed as private if that’s what you need) once and no need for the token interactions.