Jira Cloud REST Api to fetch number of users having access to a product

Is there any REST API that can fetch the number of users that have access to a product like Jira software/JSM.
Or if there are any workarounds i can do to fetch them.
Right now what i can think of is fetching users → fetching users groups → fetch groups with product access like jira/JSM → compare them and generate value
But I feel like the above approach is too complicated for the purpose


Have you seen the Application roles endpoint? With GET /rest/api/3/applicationrole, a Forge app can get attributes like these related to product licensing:

    "numberOfSeats": 10,
    "remainingSeats": 5,
    "userCount": 5,
    "userCountDescription": "5 developers",
    "hasUnlimitedSeats": false,
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HI thank you for your answer, but i can only see the availability for jira-software , jira-core and jira-servicedesk.
isn’t there something similar for confluence

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No. I’m not aware of anything similar for Confluence Cloud.