Jira Cloud Sandboxes return 403 on issue notification API calls

Hi all,

One of our customers reported a problem today on while testing on a new Jira Cloud sandbox. Our eSign app uses the Jira Issue Notification API to send invites. This API is returning 403 on this customer’s sandbox environment, which breaks part of processing signature invitations and bubbled up an error to the user.

We assume this 403 error is because Atlassian disables notifications in sandboxes as per: Manage product sandboxes | Atlassian Support. Was it intentionally done to have this notification API’s hard fail in sandbox environments?

If this is intended API behavior for sandboxes how can we detect if an environment IS a sandbox and not attempt to send the notification (or swallow the error message), while still properly raising the error if notifications fail in a production environment?

Open to recommendations to be consistent with JIRA Cloud Sandbox behavior.

Thank you,