Jira Cloud Web Item syleClasses


We can specify custom styles for webItems.

Where can I define these custom styles?

For examples, where are “webitem” or “system-present-webitem” defined on?

        "styleClasses": [

Thanks in advance.

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I happen to know this. :slight_smile: WebItem is rendered as <a> tag in product’s UI, and the classes will become part of its styles. 57%20pm

Hi @zwang ,

Thanks for your comment.

Do you know which css files we can edit these styles?
I think we cannot insert web resources on Cloud platform instead of Server platform.


You can’t. The styleClasses are basically remnants from original Connect version which was very much a 1:1 to Server’s Atlassian-plugin.xml. Since then the two platforms have diverged and while things like this still exists - they’re pretty much useless on Cloud.


Hi @danielwester,

Thanks for the clarification.
I understood that webItem styleClasses on cloud platform are useless…